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We are dedicated to the sales and service of a small number of quality products. We believe that by focusing on specific and limited applications we can better serve you. In particular we specialize in water and wastewater systems.

This is all we do – we do it well!

Pump Systems

We supply numerous types of pumps for different job applications:

  • Grinder pumps
  • Sewage pumps
  • Water booster pumps
  • Sump pumps
  • Fire pumps

See our Manufacturers & Products Tab for additional details on each product.

Avoid Gravity Sewers…While Saving $$$

Use Low Pressure Sewer Systems:
Save on sewage collection costs by buying low pressure sewer system technology. LPSS’s provide many benefits while being dependable and affordable. In addition, LPSS’s open the door for many opportunities.


See E/One under our Manufacturers & Products Tab for more information.

Telemetry Control Systems

We supply telemetry systems for various applications:

  • Satellite telemetry for water systems
  • Satellite telemetry for wastewater systems
  • Radio telemetry

See Satellite Telemetry under our Manufacturers & Products Tab for additional information.