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Bob Trombold, then General Manager of Adamson Company, fulfilled a lifetime dream of starting his own business.  His experience working with Adamson reps convinced him to start a manufacturers rep. business.  He approached his brother Tom, a rising Ralson Purina Executive, to join him as his partner.  Many of Bob””””””””s Adamson reps were also Weil Pump Reps and Weil agreed to  representation by Trombold Equipment.

Trombold Equipment Company was born!


A few short years later, Trombold Equipment moved to Cleveland, Ohio.


Bob Trombold moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and opened the Pittsburgh Office.  Shortly afterward Bill Brown joined Trombold Equipment – the beginning of a 40 year relationship.

The Pittsburgh Office active covered:
-   Western Pennsylvania
-  Northern West Virginia
-  Eastern Ohio Counties
-  Western Maryland Counties


Another office was opened in Detroit, Michigan, which has subsequently been sold.


Trombold Equipment was split into two separate companies, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Cleveland, Ohio. The Pittsburgh Office became Trombold Equipment Co, Inc. (TEPCO)


TEPCO expanded coverage in West Virginia to include the entire state.


After 25 years of actively covering Northern West Virginia, TEPCO opened an office in Bridgeport, W.V.


Robert M. Trombold remained active in the company until his death in May 1998. His influence lives on!


The Pittsburgh office has been located in Monroeville, Downtown Pittsburgh, North Side, and Ross Township. In 2001 Paul and Rob purchased an office/warehouse in Mars, PA.


Thanks to continuing support from our employees, customers, engineers, and manufacturers TEPCO will celebrate 50 years in business.


From the beginning, Trombold Equipment Co. has been committed to long-term relationships with our customers, manufacturers, and employees. This is perhaps best exhibited by the fact that we continue to represent Weil Pump and Adamson Tank – the two manufacturers that Bob started with in 1961. Further evidence of this fact is that Bill Brown retired in 2008 after 40 years with TEPCO.

Bill Brown, Bob Trombold, Paul Trombold, and Rob Trombold


    Trombold Equipment offers a 24 hour, 7 days a week service line.  If you experience any problems call 724-625-4260 extension # 22, leave a message and a qualified service technician will return your call with in 15-30 minutes!!

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    Saturday: Closed
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    **Closed for lunch (noon-1:00pm)

  • Warehouse Pick-Up

    To ensure that a service technician will be here to help you, please call ahead to schedule a pick-up time.  Also, avoid coming at lunch time (noon-1pm), we are closed during this time and no one will be here to assist you.  No pick-ups are available after 3:30 pm.